TEK Services provides operations to transfer, lift and handle machines or production lines from one site to another. We operate in various industrial sectors: food processing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, railways, etc.


Preparation for transfer

We conduct preliminary research, with the customer, on requirements based on the project to be carried out.
Our studies lead to a turnkey package that covers all the detailed transfer steps in an operating procedure. Our teams manage disconnecting power and fluid supplies to the machines or production lines and make their experience and expertise available to companies.


Once disconnected, the machine or production line is disassembled and handled for relocation. Our technicians carry out all the steps for transfer from site to site, locally, nationally or internationally.

Reassembly, tests and qualification

With lifting and handling completed, the machine or production line is reassembled on the new site. This step includes reinstalling and connecting the fluid and power supplies, making modifications if necessary. Working with the customer or the manufacturer, our teams manage commissioning, testing and qualification of correct operation of the machines or production lines.

TEK Services,
turnkey transfer.